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Redeeming RewardsPLUS Points

Points can be redeemed at participating F.L. Roberts convenience stores/gas stations for a variety of products and services. Members have the choice to redeem or save the points they have accumulated at each transaction.

At the pump: Insert your RewardsPLUS card at the pump when prompted by the card reader.

Inside Convenience Store: Present your RewardsPLUS card to the sales associate at an F.L. Roberts convenience store and ask for the redemption item of choice. If redeeming points for discounts on gas, the sales associate will adjust your fuel price accordingly.

Redemption Options

Below are the points required for discounts on gas and convenience store product redemptions.

Discounts on Gas

Points Discount Per Gallon (max. discount is 20 gal.)
500 points 5¢ off per gal.
1000 points 10¢ off per gal.
2500 points 25¢ off per gal.
4600 points 50¢ off per gal.
9000 points $1.00 off per gal.

Pay With Points

Enjoy product redemptions on convenience store items. Click HERE for current offers.