About Us

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Grandpa Frank, better known as "F.L.", started F.L. Roberts & Company in 1920 with an automotive and tire store at the corner of Main and Adams Streets in Springfield, MA. Texaco motor oils and gasoline pumps were added soon after opening the first store. Over the next fifteen years F.L. added fifteen more stations, and with the help of son Abbott, established and expanded the fuel and motor oil business in the 1940's and 50's.

In the early 70's, Abbott and his son Steve, sold the fuel oil division in order to concentrate again on service stations. Down came the repair garages, and up went the garish, glaring plastic 70's gas stations selling only quick gas and cigarettes.

Steve's brother Seth joined the business later in the 70's. Together, Steve and Seth concentrated on opening new businesses that would complement the gas stations — a chain of car washes (Golden Nozzle Car Wash), a chain of quick- lube facilities (Jiffy Lube), a diner (Whately Diner Fillin' Station), even a small hotel and a discount tobacco shop.

Today, F.L. Roberts and Company is a 4th generation family-owned business that has expanded to over 500 employees and 60 sites serving both neighbors and visitors in Massachusetts and Connecticut. We're certain we'll be so good at what we do... serving the motoring public... that we'll become Your Friend on the Road.