Golden Nozzle Car Wash

Proper maintenance always includes the routine washing of your vehicle. Winter hazards like sand and salt need to be thoroughly washed from your vehicle’s body and undercarriage. Golden Nozzle uses only environmentally-friendly products. Have a question about our car washes or a suggestion you’d like to make? Call us at 1-866-3WASHME.

Wash Types

Exterior Wash: Enjoy a ride through the tunnel with a soft cloth wash with a touch-free dry.

Full Serve: Includes interior vacuuming, washing interior windows, wiping dashboard and door jambs and towel drying.

Touch Free: Just like the name suggests, this is a thorough touch-free wash with high pressure water and wash solution.

RewardsPLUS Points

Earn 65 points per $1 spent at Golden Nozzle Car Wash.